Download Game Final Fantasy IX ISO High Compressed
Final Fantasy IX Ps1

Trexgames - Download Final Fantasy IX PSX ISO Highly Compressed. Personally This is the Final Fantasy that I enjoyed the most on the Playstation 1. You might ask why and argue that it doesnt hold a candle to the Likes of 7 or 8, and I can understand why you would say that. Nevertheless, It is only a opinion. Alright, down to the good stuff!

Truly Gorgeous visuals considering the system. Though certainly not the best the playstation has to offer. It still has a fresh feel in art and visual style.

Download ISO Game Final Fantasy IX High Compressed
Final Fantasy IX Screenshot Battle

Characters are uhm.. well.. unique to say the least and very original. Only miner problem is in certain parts of the game, like the battle scenario's and the world map, It almost feels as the FPS drops a bit. But as I said, only a minor issue.

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