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Download Prototype 2 Highly Compressed Full Version Highly compressed - Tyrant in place three years of age, Prototype 2 has an army of tyrannical, a generic ship sullen and death called James Heller. Heller was very cross because anti-hero Alex Mercer first Prototype game disabilities - has caused the death of his wife and daughter, and instead of either submitting to revenge the slaughter had been infected with the same virus Cronenbergian Heller who previously led Mercer to grow giant claws and murder half of New York.  

By Mercer in the wild like some ultra-hoody from Middle English nightmare, a frightening Heller fist rippling and determines to uncover the truth behind the virus, and murder the other half of New York.Tapi all the talk about the story is misleading. Prototype 2 is a game of action rather than character, and the Heller family sacrifices made with the sole purpose - to provide a man with super powers reason to be very angry in the middle of a busy city. Though apart from being laughably sentimental ("My little girl ..." Heller as he eviscerates blockful mourns another hiker), there is not much to our protagonist beyond angry flare and a lot of ways to make the shortcut.

Deskripsi Prototype gameplay is GTA with super strength. Indeed, it is easy to imagine the initial moment came during a crime spree five-star in GTA IV, the FBI snipers and army tanks gathering in Niko Bellic, the short, spandex "What if ...?" Heller ran up skyscrapers and glide around the city center such as monkeys Heller bersayap.Mereka only two forces in a warehouse that includes, at the low end, absorbing the likes of sunscreen fleshy and turn boxing into a giant hammer and, like getting something more serious, the ability to transform civilians into splatteringly potent "biobombs," and able to throw the sticky tendrils of a giant piece of military hardware into one another eksplosif.

Prototype 2 seems to have been engineered exclusively for the purpose of breaking stuff, built to stage a massacre exceptional strength around the central figure impossible. And on this count is a definite success - another open world with super heroes like the same as inFamous and Crackdown trail behind in terms of both raw performance and the ability to impact, organize and fuels the spectacle. Prototype 2 is not only creating a beautiful mess, it makes you feel responsible for the mess itu.Prototype 2

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